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I'm a college student that loves to draw, write, read, and sit at the computer for hours on end. I'm majoring in communications with career aspirations in the public relations field.
My Journal
My journal is mainly used for my rambles about daily life, chit-chat about fandoms, previews of fanfics, artowrk, and whatever else I feel like putting in there. My journal will also be public for the most part. So, feel free to friend me! I love meeting new people who like the same things I do.
My Writing/Art
I write Advanceshipping stories for Pokemon. It was the first pairing and fandom I started writing about when I was ten or eleven, so it's stuck with me for all these years. I just started writing Naruto fanfiction also, so I'm hoping I can stick with that too.

I have a deviantART (www.saramuffin.deviantart.com) There's nothing really special on it yet, just a few quick drawings, but I'll eventually finish one of the many decent looking works in progress I have sitting around.
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